NJ Unemployment Office

People who are looking to claim unemployment insurance must note that the NJ unemployment office no longer accepts invitations at the office. In fact, they have severely scaled back on the applications that they process even on the telephone. Now, the preferred way to file for an unemployment claim, in the state of New Jersey, is to do it online. It is now possible for New Jersey residents to file or reopen an unemployment claim, claim weekly benefits, claim an inquiry, enter direct deposit information, make address changes and also make a 1099 inquiry, all online, at the www.njuifile.net website.

Below, we have provided you with more information about documents, information and eligibility criteria that pertains to claiming unemployment benefits in the state of New Jersey.

Filing online – The fastest method

As mentioned earlier, claimants have the best chance of filing for unemployment quickly, if they put in their application online. Generally, an unemployment claim application can be completed within about 15-20 minutes. Applicants must note that the application process must be completed within 30 minutes, after which the online application pages will automatically time out, asking the applicant to start the application process all over again.

Information needed to file for unemployment benefits

One will need to note down all their personal information, if they don’t remember it by heart. Information such as residential address, social security number, driver’s license number will need to be entered by the applicant.

Additionally, the applicant will have to enter employment history for the last 18 months of his or her life. They will need to provide details such as employer name, employer contact and address, duration of work, reason for being let go and a few other such details.

Many applicants often make mistakes when it comes to entering information about employment history. They might enter the dates wrong or simply enter vague information about the employer. Vague information could be an applicant just entering Burger King as an employer name, when actually the actual employer is doing business under a different name, after procuring a Burger King franchise.

Eligibility requirements to file unemployment benefits in New Jersey

An applicant must have completed all of their work in the past 18 months, within the state of New Jersey. They must have also not worked for the army or military in the past 18 months. Generally, the unemployment application will also require applicants to prove that they have been trying to procure employment, with genuine efforts. If applicants have any questions, they may approach the NJ unemployment office for more information although the online site has plenty of information resources that will help answer most questions.

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